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Lawyers in Valencia: Our specialties

Criminal law

 Sandra Marquez Lawyers is your criminal lawyer in Valencia. Domestic violence, drug offences, fraud and financial offences, violent offences, traffic offences.

Abogados penalistas Valencia. Abogados denuncia falsa Valencia. Abogados penal económico Valencia. Abogados lesiones Valencia. Abogados delitos contra la seguridad vial. Abogados delitos abusos sexuales.

Family law

Sandra Marquez Lawyers is your family lawyer in Valencia. Divorce and separation advice. Matrimonial financial regimes. Child Custody & maintenance. Child abduction issues. Agreements for couples who live together but are not married. Enforcement of Court Orders in Spain. Litigation and court attendance

Abogado divorcio Valencia. Abogados custodia compartida Valencia. Abogados modificación de medidas Valencia. Abogados reclamación de cantidades Valencia. Abogado gananciales Valencia. Abogado Herencias Valencia.

About Me

I will take your case very seriously

Sandra Márquez is a top criminal lawyer based in the heart of Valencia. Sandra provides a premium service for senior professionals and high net worth individuals who have been convicted of a crime. She acts effectively and discreetly across the full-range of criminal offences. Sandra Márquez is astute, supportive and highly sophisticated, particularly known for their skills in providing strategic, sensible and practical criminal law advice.
We understand that being convicted of a crime can be extremely distressing. Not only can convictions severely impact your reputation and livelihood, your liberty may also be at stake. If you are facing a criminal conviction and want to appeal, you need access to the very best legal representation.
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Law 8/2021, of June 2, "by which civil and procedural legislation is reformed to support people with disabilities in the exercise of their legal capacity", makes it clear to our legislator that he seems to confuse bacon with speed.


In family procedures, when it comes to establishing the amount of child support to be paid by a parent in favor of a child, it is often difficult to find out what the true economic capacity of that parent is.


Today we have had a consultation in the office on this assumption and we have advised the client in the sense of letting him know that said attitude could constitute a crime, based on the doctrine of the Supreme Court, sentence no. 348/2020 of June 25 of 2020.


Law firm in Valencia: how to choose the best?

When a legal matter is presented such as claims, defenses, inheritances, child custody, criminal trials or you want to make certain inquiries, among others, you think of a lawyer. At that time, choosing the right professional and law firm to support you is essential.

The first thought that comes to mind is how to make the right decision when hiring the lawyer and costs or fees who will carry their services. However, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account.

Lawyers in Valencia capital: factors to hire

To find the best lawyer in the capital of the Autonomous Community of Valencia the following must be considered:

Be careful who you hire

If you want to hire a good lawyer, you should look for a professional in the field specific for which it is required (criminal, family, commercial, etc.) and not to friends, relatives or acquaintances simply because they are close.

Hire the services of friends or acquaintances just for being from the social environment is the first big mistake that is made in Spain.

The judge will not take into account that between the accused and the lawyer there is a friendship For this reason, whoever requires professional service may find that, in addition to losing the trial, they may lose the friendship that binds them to that lawyer or to the person who recommended them.

Seek several opinions before hiring

It can be affirmed, without a doubt, that it is necessary to contact various professionals of the right to compare valuations, costs and the services they offer for the given price.

It is always recommended meet and discuss problems and requirements several lawyers before hiring a particular one. Explaining the particular case and seeing what each one says and proposes is the best action mechanism before making the final determination.

after seeing various points of view and what each lawyer raises will give a broader range of vision to make a better decision based on data and specific prices.

Beware of “free” services

The consultations (if it is the initial one to present the case) with good lawyers, such as consultations with private doctors, they are paid.

Lawyers, like other professionals (doctors, architects, accountants, etc.) have invested a lot of study time and experience and money to acquire knowledge and expertise.

This elements set them apart from the competition and that knowledge placed at the service of those who need it is not freely shared.

If a lawyer offers a free first consultation, it may be due to other factors, such as lack of experience or clientes que confíen en él. It can also involve high costs once you are hired.

Don't be fooled by appearances

Although a well dressed person With designer clothes you make a good impression, you are not going to hire a runway model or an artist to entertain or host a birthday party.

You have to remember that the judge will only take into account legal criteria and his final decision will be based exclusively on the legal foundations and the lawyer's expertise to face each case.

A lawyer dressed in expensive clothes may not be as good as one who only wears jeans and sportier shirts. You have to review their history and experience. In addition, now the web pages of these professionals allow us to know the evaluation of the clients.

custom sheet

If a professional lawyer is to be retained, they will be happy to say in advance what are your fees or how or based on what they are calculated.

Also, you won't have any problems draw up a contract in which said fees are detailed and agree on ways or terms for payments.

For this there is something called an "order sheet" that the lawyer can be asked and that will serve as protection for both the client and the lawyer for the payment of fees as agreed.

a good lawyer should never be offended for the request and the exhaustive detail of their fees. Having everything clear, things will end well.

The cheap can be expensive

If you lose a trial, the Courts of Justice can impose the calls or known as the «judicial costs». These force you to pay both your lawyer who proclaimed himself cheap and the other party.

As an example. It is possible for a person to face a lawsuit with a "cheap lawyer" and lose the case. So, the opposing party (who went to trial with an "expensive" lawyer) won the case.

In this context, the opposite party Not only will he not pay his own lawyer (considered “expensive”), but the person who lost the lawsuit or case will pay both the “cheap” and the “expensive” lawyer of the litigating or opposing party.

Best law firm in Valencia: which is it?

It cannot be said that a law firm is good or bad a priori. This is so, above all, because there are many branches of law and lawyers specialized in various areas.

In this sense, a judgment by the child custody, than that of a case of murder or rape or to establish the amounts of an inheritance between the various relatives.

Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about what a lawyer is needed for and, based on this, look for the best law firm. That is why there are specialists in family, criminal, commercial, administrative, constitutional law, etc..

The personality of a good lawyer has a unique set of characteristics: they are soft-spoken, but have strong opinions and will tirelessly fight for an idea they believe in.

The lawyer works with creativity, conviction, imagination and sensitivity, not to gain advantages, but to create balance.

These look very attractive egalitarianism and justice. They also believe that nothing could benefit humanity more than using love, laws and compassion to conceive a better world.

On the other hand, the lawyers that are required must have the accreditation to work and be graduates of a good university.

Criminal defense Valencia

In Valencia, criminal defense is a branch of law that focuses on protecting the rights of individuals accused of crimes. Lawyers specialized in this area work hard to ensure a fair trial and proper representation for their clients, which can make a difference in the resolution of their cases.

Criminal defense attorney Valencia

A criminal defense attorney in Valencia is a legal professional who is responsible for representing and defending individuals accused of crimes in the criminal realm. Their main function is to ensure that the accused's rights are respected throughout the entire legal process and to seek a favorable outcome for their client.

Criminal lawyers Valencia

Criminal lawyers in Valencia are legal professionals with experience in criminal matters, both in defense and prosecution. These lawyers are responsible for advising, representing, and defending their clients in cases involving crimes, ranging from minor offenses to serious felonies, always seeking the best legal strategy for each situation.

Best criminal defense attorney Valencia

Finding the best criminal defense attorney in Valencia can be key to achieving a favorable outcome in a criminal case. This professional will stand out for their extensive experience, knowledge in the field, negotiation skills, and a solid reputation in the legal sphere. To find the best criminal defense attorney, it is advisable to research and compare options, consult opinions, and request references before making a decision.

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