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How to choose a divorce lawyer in Valencia

The lawyers in charge of negotiating the procedures corresponding to divorces are called family lawyers. These legal professionals are specialized in this area, particularly that which regulates intra-family relationships.

They not only handle divorces, but process inheritances, matrimonial matters, financial regimes, disabilities, alimony, regulatory agreements and extinction of condominium, among other various legal matters.

However, all these rights and duties of the so-called family law are contemplated in the Civil Code of Spain, by which the norms of relations or family coexistence are protected or managed.

Divorce lawyers in Valencia, what are they in charge of?

Divorce lawyers in Valencia and the rest of Spain are in charge of carrying out this process of legal separation of a couple under the various modalitiesNamely

  • Divorces by mutual agreement,
  • Divorces before a notary or contentious divorces
  • express divorces

Divorce by mutual agreement: It is the type of divorce in which the spouses decide to legally end their marriage consensually. For this type of separation it is not required to have to make a trial, but rather it is an amicable agreement.

In this type of divorce it is, by far, the most recommended. This by virtue of the procedures are faster, they are less expensive and a single lawyer and a single attorney can represent both parties.

The contested divorce It is the one that occurs when there is disagreement between one or both parties or both. This process is usually longer and requires each spouse to be represented by a family attorney and a solicitor.

In the midst of a contentious divorce, every lawyer and solicitor You must negotiate the interests of each member of the couple.

In this type of divorce a regulatory agreement must be presented. It must be signed by each of the spouses and it sets out the clauses of the visitation regime for the children and how they will be cared for.

This regulatory agreement must be submit it to the court so that it is approved by the judge once the premises that protect the rights of the children are established and the care and lifestyle that the children will lead after the divorce will be stipulated.

In the regulatory agreement it will be possible to establish procedures for modifying measures. That is, it is not something static, but you can request the assistance of a family lawyer to make changes as time goes by and the conditions of already divorced parents change.

For his part, express divorce, also called divorce before a notary, is the fastest and can be done expeditiously when there are no children who are minors.

In any case, family lawyers are in charge of Guide the spouses in the process. Even, on a first visit, he will be able to offer advice on the course to take and what may be best for the entire family group according to each particular situation.

Express divorce lawyers in Valencia, how much do they cost?

As said, the express divorce is one that is done by mutual agreement, without the distribution of assets and when there are no minor children.

This divorce is relatively new in Spain, since it is just over 15 years old. It is stipulated in Law 15/2005, of July 8, which is also called the Express Divorce Law.

This regulation opened the possibility that the procedure Divorce could be done without the need for a prior de facto separation or judicial separation to be carried out and without having to allege cause for it.

This law has also meant a significant money saver for the spouses and less personal wear and tear, since it is a process that is carried out quickly and easily.

However, to be able to opt for an express divorce, four requirements are necessary:

1.- That it be by mutual agreement

2.- That there are no minor children

3.- Both spouses live in Spain

4.- That they have been legally married for at least three years

How much does an express divorce cost? While a contentious divorce can cost between 1,500 and 2,000 euros per spouse, an express divorce usually costs between 200 and 250 euros by spouses.

This takes between 45 and 90 days to get out compared to the six months or a year that other forms of divorce can take.

The best divorce lawyer in Valencia, what to take into account?

Getting legal help from a divorce attorney is paramount in cases of separations before judges or notaries. A divorce implies taking into account aspects that are not unimportant.

Such is the case of managing sensitive information about children, assets or property, how will be the administration of money or assets, custody of minor children and other decisions that will impact or change for a lifetime.

Consequently, deal with this type of process without a good lawyer it can be a legal catastrophe that can last for months or even years.

Therefore, the following must be considered:

  • Verify your academic background: Although being a graduate of a university is not everything for a good family lawyer, it does attest to the quality of professional that can be. That is why it is important to know where you graduated and the credentials to practice.
  • The experience: In addition to the university, the professional path counts. The career of a family lawyer offers the skills to act in certain cases beyond the knowledge of the laws and more in practice.
  • The opinions of previous customers: Lawyers usually have their fame created in each specialty or area of law. Family lawyers can stand out in inheritances, custody or divorces. Knowing how they have acted in events of this nature carried out previously can help to have a perspective of their professional performance.
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